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spica's sparkle

journey to the unknown

2 January
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Just call me Spica.Slam Book Time~Yes, I do.LINKS
Okay, now, how shall I start this?

Well, you've stumbled into my profile. You must have been directed here from somewhere. Or something like that. ≧▽≦
My name's FRAULINE it's read as /fro-layn/, if you can't say it properly don't call me by my real name. I'm not trying to be rude, but live 20years of nobody saying your name the right way and it gets tiring. ^-^

And so my age was already said. OUCH.
I wanna be just 12 forever is I can. Being 12 is nice. ^-^
Though until now, I have a height of a 12 years old, my mental state is not. Though until now, I have a height of a 12 years old, my mental state is not. People have been telling me I think too much -- and sometimes too seriously at that.

My Japanese name is 藤原小春 and so, it goes to say that I wouldn't mind being called Koharu.
But never call me with a short-cut version of my name, or there will be bloodshed.

Basically I'm nuts.
I talk a lot, I laugh randomly, I dance randomly, sing randomly, talk randomly, and sleep in moving vehicles; just to “元気”.
I'm paranoid, cynic, and easily jealous. I'm a big bag full of sweets, oxymorons and contradictions. I'm so lovable right? ・・・
I love to write, to draw and to read.

Of course, there's still the I love to watch anime and jdramas and listen to JPop and all that.

Oh, I love to read lots and lots, though I don't have so much time to do so this times, but I still make time to read.
A good book is like a wonderful feast to eat.
When it comes to reading, I am a gourmet. I spend more for books than for food or clothing.

I love to draw a LOT, but since I can't now -- I'm engrossed in making graphics.
At night, I try to sleep but my head would be spinning with graphics, and CSS codes for layouts.
Sometimes I even dream of what layouts or graphics to do next. Uguuu~ I want to sleep though and dream of a guy at least.≧▽≦

Yes, I'm an anime, manga, jdrama, jpop otaku.
I've been an anime otaku ever since I was five years old, though I didn't know that word at that time. I watched a lot of anime and now still.
I've been a manga, jdrama, jpop otaku for almost one and half year now (It's 07-11-09). Still very attached to all these.

I just love NEWS, Kat-Tun, Kanjani8, ABC-Z, Kis-My-Ft2, Question?, Budoukan, Kansai Juniors, Tokyo Juniors (except one - ugh), HSJ, and most definitely 遊馬w/B.I.Shadow.
I love 中山遊馬 so much.
He's my most special one.
And so, I refuse to do graphics of him to share.

If you're here, and you want to friend me -- since I closed my journal to friends only since 07-08-09 do not add me and ask me to add you back and then say that you love Yuma, or he's your ichiban, or that you feel the same way about him as I do (that's is humanly impossible -- 'cause I burn for him like the sun!), and all those, 'cause my head would flare up and nothing would be able to calm me.
I often say I don't bite but like to be bitten, but in this case, my bite would definitely be poisonous. Yay!

加藤成亮 is my big brother complex.
He's someone I have dear affection for, yet I won't turn dragon-like like how I do with Yuma. He's someone who'll be the reason for me to have more friends, and be fangirling about with other people. He's one special guy who I still think is so wonderfully and weirdly similar to Yuma.

I like 藪去太 & 増田貴久 a lot as well, but again, not like Cerberus to them. They definitely will put a smile on my face each time just like when I giggle a lot because of seeing 小山慶一路 with Shige. Or like when I see 徹平小池 so totally exuding with “可愛い-ness”.They are the ones who'd totally make me grin whenever.
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