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08 September 2009 @ 08:21 pm
I'm not sure if I can have the caps of tonight's Koishite Akuma posted.
You guys know what happened to my PB right.

screenshots will be posted next week.
today was the last episode of koishite akuma.
the ending was a bit silly.

if it had been more -- tragic, i will finding away to post it now..
but yeah.
i will wait until the 14th.
even if no one will view it by that time, i will still post it.
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01 September 2009 @ 10:17 pm
I was talking tomintkaffe this time, but she had to log out half way the episode. xD
At first, I didn't even want to watch anymore. But I saw Kato Rosa and yeah -- watched it.
And so, this episode made me cry. I don't even know entirely what they were talking about, but it just made me cry.
My heart was heavy with sadness as he becomes friendly to the family he's staying with.
I knew he'll depart from them soon.

He ate gyoza, and said it was delicious and my heart sank.
When he said Makoto's name while looking at her apartment window, my heart tingled.
Yuma knows how to really make me all crazy and what-not.
I seriously got turned on when I saw Yuma's mouth filled with blood. *swoons*

Sadly this ain't the last episode. I really wanted it to end.
Will next week be the last episode? Hopefully.
And hopefully, Ruka will die.
It was Matchy-vampire who bit him, predictable.
But why is it that the one who bit him, when it was shown two episodes ago, different?

Oh well~ here're the screenshots~

lookie here~Collapse )

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25 August 2009 @ 10:21 pm
Okay so the main star of Koishite Akuma screen caps tonight is Yokoyama Yu.
He's just so awesome!
I love how Yoko plays the bad guy soooooo well!
I haven't watched The Quiz Show II yet, but I want to real bad!

So Yoko's character is the REAL epitome of a REAL vampire!!!
Matchy's character is I think too RULE-oriented which is kinda boring. But still he's awesome! xD
And Ruka. Ruka is just a sad little boy who dot undead because of a tiny bite. Dx
But Hades (Yoko) is just spontaneous, aggressive, manipulative, and HOT. A total vampire in my eyes!
Darn Yoko played so good, I want him to be a regular! Or at least guest him until this drama ends!
Let Ruka die in his hands!!! I'd be so freaking happy if that happens!!!
I don't want a happy ending REALLY!

So I was flailing with nihonchique with this. xD So happy~
And yeah -- was on the phone with my College friend, so whatever. xDDD

'nuff of my blabbing!!Collapse )
I've never been so excited to put up screen caps of this drama until now~!
Bigger CAPS because it's the BEST episode evarr!!!
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