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25 January 2017 @ 04:35 pm
This LJ is mine.  
As of today, July 08, 2009

This LJ is now 80% FRIENDS ONLY.
The remaining 20% which probably would be screenshots, ringtones and other multimedia things shall remain open to public.
The thing is -- several people only added me for graphics and such, so now I'm closing.
So if you're looking for graphics go to mirror_frosting instead.
If you have added me and I haven't added back it means you didn't COMMENT here.

By the way, it would be best if you not only read my intro post but my profile as well. Thank you.
Seriously. No comment. No adding back.


And so I got obsessed with Stamps and Blog Crews.. xD
You can see my stamps and claims here:



NewS Member Stamp:

First Try

Second Try

Third time's the charm~

Match Made Theme:

First and LAST

Mirror Theme:

First Try
((why is it always tegoshi???))


KT Member Stamp:

First and Last

Lover Theme:

First and LAST


HSJ Member Stamp:

First Try

Match Making Theme:

First and LAST


K8 Member Stamp:

First and LAST


JE Member Stamp:

First Try

Got SPECIAL stamp from aqua_candy too~



Blog Crews :

just by looking into Yuma's eyes is more
than enough to light up the 4th of July fireworks.
yeah, beat that ;P

just by looking into Shige's eyes is
more than enough to give me crazy legs.
yeah, beat that ;P

forget chocolate or strawberry,
{Yuma}'s the best pocky flavor evarr.

Yuma's lips are sweeter than sugar itself

{Yuma} he's lightning sparks are flyin'
everywhere I go he's always on my mind and
I'm goin' crazy about him lately
and I can't help myself from how my heart is racing
think I'm really digging on his vibe he really blows me away

{Shige} he's got a way of making me feel
like everything I do is
perfectly fine
the stars are aligned when I'm with him and I'm so into him

[Yuma] x [Frauline]

If there was a 中山優馬 channel
~I'd watch it all day long~

Sorry, but this heart is locked...
and only Yuma has the ♡ KEY ♡

I should still be chasing after my dream,
but someone tripped me on my road.
And when I saw you Yuma,
everything changed.
You became my dream
and caught me instead.

you're my shooting star.

fate brought us together.

i wanna be with you.

you make my ♥heart♥ a better place



I'M A Lovely Complex-A-HOLIC


watched the sunset with me

Whenever I think of →[Yuma]←
I get quite a w a r m feeling inside.

Whenever I think of →[Shige]←
I get quite a w a r m feeling inside.

Whenever I think of →[Kota]←
I get quite a w a r m feeling inside.

Whenever I think of →[Otani]←
I get quite a w a r m feeling inside.

Let me be the one who never leaves you all alone
I hold my breath and lose the feeling that I'm on my own
Hold me too tight, stay by my side

love [luhv]
1. a profoundly tender, passionate
2. sexual passion or desire
3. [Yuma]

{Yuma} and I spent the night telling stories under a blanket

[Yuma] has got me all lit up in his fireworks

you're too much,
I'm burning up right now and I need your touch.

a story that will end emotionally
began that day when {Yuma} said I love you
I can’t wait patiently for the start of the second half

instead of endlessly doubting
I want to hear that dubious “I love you
until the end, always always Photobucket

I look back on the fleeing shadows along the road
the “I love you” {Shige} said that day
I can’t help chasing after it, always always

when I'm held by { Yuma}
it seems like we're in paradise shining brightly I close my eyes and soon I feel so good
now that’s automatic

when I'm held by { Shige}
it seems like we're in paradise shining brightly I close my eyes and soon I feel so good
now that’s automatic

『 Yuma ♡ 』
The way you stole my
attention was flat out burglary

Shige ♥
You know no one can
make me happy the way you do

all i really have to say is
i love you
end of story.


like a red, red rose glistening in the



[ Yuma ]
got the key to my .

[ Shige ]
got the key to my .

from the first second i saw you, i knew it was too good to be true
from the first second i saw you, i new you were the one
from that moment to now, my feelings have never changed
from this moment now til my last breath, they never will
i love you so much,Yuma

Yuma got the loöks that K I L L


if I lived in Nobuta's world

I want {Yuma} and {Fuma}

to be my Shuuji and Akira


if I lived in Nobuta's world

I want {Kota} and {Ryutaro}

to be my Shuuji and Akira

Sorry; but
only shares his ice-cream with me!

it's that part of the concert again.
as {Yuma} goes up the stage,
he takes a deep breath and shouts my name
along with the message of
"{Frauline}, this is for you and you only.
I hope that you'll be listening
wherever you are
as {Looking Through Your Eyes} will be our theme song
now and forever."

You don't need to go Google my feelings for you~

I blame Yuma for the death of my keyboard...
Because I ahsjnlb gkbm keyboard smash whenever I see him! ♥♥♥

[Yuma] x [Frauline]

Baby, it's a fact our love is true
The way black is black, and blue is just blue
My love is true, it's a matter of fact
Oh, and you love me too, it's as simple as that
Baby, our love is true

☣ caution ☣
my love for Yuma is dangerous !

All I've got is a photograph
Yuma I wanna touch you.

sneaking my hand into your pocket,
our fingers intertwined in secret
as if we were hiding it from the light of the world.
softly then, I fell deeper into love.
of things changed I do not know, but my feelings are
that throughout the next however many years
my thoughts will only be of loving you.
gently then, I fell deeper into love with you.
slipping my hand into your pocket,
my eyes follow your tall frame, looking up
at your face that leans towards mine

I’m always thinking of you
because you're so adorable
[[Yuma]]is my cutie honey

My Twin = Kusano Hironori


I miss you, but I can’t get close to you
The moon is watching, it’s like a spinning merry-go-round
I want to be touched by you and reduce the distance between us
The moment you touch me, I become numb, I’m being drowned by it
Thinking of you, So Deep Night

¯¯¯¯¯ ¯ it`s αℓℓ for ʏoυ, Otani Atsushi !!

☆ 「Otani Atsushi」 + me = double trouble ☆

Yuma is my king

{Yuma} whispered sweet nothings into
my ear as we sat by the campfire together

l o v e
1.) is any of a number of emotions and experiences
related to a sense of strong affection and attachment.
2.) Yuma

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Every time I come close to you,every time I'm kissing you, it
feels like I'm gonna dream you whole night.
I get butterflies.

may be a busy bee
but i'm his one and only honey
and he always finds time
j u s t f o r m e

Current Music: 優馬の心拍。